About the project


To better characterise the southwest Australian marine coastal and shelf ecosystem structure and function. and enhance the shared capacity to understand, predict and assess ecosystem response to anthropogenic and natural pressures.


  • An assessment of the importance of physical forcing and ecological interactions among key functional groups in determining patterns of spatial mosaics in benthic habitats.
  • An assessment of ecosystem processes with particular relevance to contrasting fished and non- fished areas.
  • An assessment of likely dispersal patterns for marine organisms based on hydrodynamic and population genetic models.
  • Electronic delivery of data and models to management agencies, building on the development of the Data Interrogation and Visualisation Environment (DIVE) in Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment (SRFME).

Research Articles

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Program: WAMSI 2006-2011

Completed: June 2011

Location: Jurien Bay, Perth, Albany, Esperance, Rottnest Island, Marmion Lagoon.

Project Leader: Dr John Keesing (CSIRO)



Final Report