About the project


The project investigated aspects of the diversity, ecology and application of novel marine natural products termed quorum quenching compounds (QQCs), obtained from marine bacteria. These products have potential pharmacological and commercial uses in the control of bacterial activities (including human and aquaculture disease, biofilm formation, and biofouling), and also have important ecological roles, including in invertebrate and algal settlement.


  • To purify and identify quorum quenching compounds (QQCs) from marine invertebrates and bacteria;
  • To assess the diversity of quorum quenching effects and mechanisms of action amongst QQCs.
  • To investigate ecological aspects of the formation and activity of QQCs
  • To assess potential applications of QQCs

Research Articles

Summerfield, J. (2012). A search for quorum quenching compounds in marine bacteria of the Perth metropolitan area.


Program: WAMSI 2006-2011

Completed: June 2011

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. David Sutton



Final Report