About the Program

The Ningaloo Marine Park is a global biodiversity hotspot and one of Australia’s most incredible marine environments. The Ningaloo Research Program was established to meet the challenges of balancing conservation with sustainable development of the Ningaloo Marine Park.

The program was an initiative of WAMSI, CSIRO’s Ningaloo Collaboration Cluster and the Australian Institute of Marine Science, working in partnership with government, local communities and enterprises. Spanning four years, the research produced discovery of new marine species, predictions on the effects of human behaviour, and suggestions for coastal and marine park management.

Conducting the research as a strategic collaboration enabled the involvement of a diverse range of marine, social and economic researchers who worked to better understand both the natural and human systems of the Ningaloo region.

The migration of detailed project descriptions and reports is currently underway. To access reports or for enquiries, contact info@wamsi.org.au.

Program Management

Name: Dr Chris Simpson
Project Role: Program Leader

Name: Dr Kelly Waples
Project Role: Science Coordinator
Contact: kelly.waples@dbca.wa.gov.au