Better Science

WAMSI’s model of research project design and management promotes better science because our research is collaborative and driven by the needs of end users.

WAMSI is an established and reputable organisation that has successfully implemented research programs to the value of more than $170 million over 14 years involving significant contributions from government, industry, research and community agencies. This includes our $30 million Kimberley Marine Research Program and our $19 million Dredging Science Node, that built on our previous work (2006-2011) in which we successfully delivered a ~$93 million applied marine research portfolio.

WAMSI is a research collaboration that represents the marine research capacity of WA with a network that extends throughout Australia and internationally. It has a history of working with the Western Australian Government and industry to better understand the marine environment and provide greater confidence in decision making.

WAMSI has an independent governing board, with the capacity to provide the best scientists for the job and a centre agent (The University of Western Australia) with a track record of underwriting and facilitating complex research contracts.

A number of future research programs are currently in development including Science Plans for Shark Bay, the South Coast and West Coast Metropolitan waters, as well as a Data Management plan for marine information.

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