North West Australia Marine Science Symposium

The North West Australia Marine Science symposium hosted by WAMSI, at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle on the Thursday 21 February 2013 was a great sucess as it brought together researchers from government, industry, scientific agencies and academia to provide a five year ‘snapshot’ of upcoming marine science in the Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley coastline areas.

Below are a list of some of the speaker presentations.

Luke Edwards – Western Australian Node of the Australian Ocean Data Network (WAODN) Metadata Catalogue – what’s thereLuke Edwards – CATAMI (Collaborative and Annotation Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery and video)

Chris Simpson – Kimberley Marine Research Program

Kelly Waples – Building capacity for marine wildlife research in WA through a Marine Wildlife node of WAMSI

Ryan Lowe – Physical and coupled ecological processes within Australia’s northwest coral reef ecosystems

Piers Larcombe – Shelf sediment transport in NW Australia over decades to centuries: a knowledge gap for science, development & regulation

Simon Allen – MUCRU’s North West Australian Marine Mammal Research: 2013 and beyond

MIng Feng – The Ningaloo Niño

Kim Freidman – What WAMMP needs from WAMSI in the Kimberley and related NW Research?

Glenn Hyndes – Edith Cowan University’s research in the north-west

Lindsay Collins – Curtin’s Northwest Marine Research, Next 5 Years

Richard Brinkman – Bio-physical Oceanography of the Kimberley coastal region

Kimberley Onton – Migratory shorebird research in north west Australia

David Morgan – Threatened fish related research in the north-west

Fiona Valesini – Characteristics of the fish and invertebrate fauna in Kimberley estuaries

Clay Bryce – The WA Museum’s Woodside Kimberley Biodiversity projects: Yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Malcolm McCulloch – Resilience of Coral Reefs of NW Western Australia to Climatic Extremes and Environmental Impacts

Shaun Collin – The Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership

Ming Feng – Marine connectivity in the Pilbara-Ningaloo region

Jane Fromont – Conservation Systematics of the western Pilbara fauna