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Coral reefs vital for ocean life

A quarter of all marine species depends on coral reefs but these vital parts of the oceans’ ecosystem are at risk from acidification, pollution, over-fishing and rising water temperatures. The University of Western Australia’s PhD candidate Josh Bonesso spoke to high school students recently about the significance of coral reefs, as part of the Western […]

Fly larvae offers hope for future food security

Insects could be part of the solution to future global food security pressures, according to an aquaculture researcher looking at black soldier flies as a potential fish feed source. PhD candidate Isobel Sewell, from The University of Western Australia, told students in a Thinking Blue lecture there was growing pressure on wild stocks from overfishing. […]

Water quality improving but Cockburn Sound still impacted by pollution legacy

Water quality in Cockburn Sound has been steadily improving for decades but seagrass and some fish stocks are still struggling to recover from the days of unrestricted pollution discharge, according to marine scientist Dr Fiona Webster. Dr Webster, who works at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation assessing marine proposals, was speaking to students […]

Snapper research helping to evaluate hatchery release programs

Researchers are working on non-lethal ways of evaluating the success of programs that release hatchery-reared snapper fingerlings into Cockburn Sound. The WAMSI Westport Marine Science Program project, led by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, involves analysing photographs of hatchery snapper to ultimately determine any physical differences with wild snapper. DPIRD’s Dr David […]

Huge state delivers vast array of marine ecosystems

From mud skippers in Kimberley mangroves to orcas in south coast canyons and bizarre looking sea pigs in the deep ocean, Western Australia with its 12,500 kilometre coastline, boasts a vast array of ecosystems, according to marine scientist Dr Tom Holmes. “In fact, if you include the islands, WA’s coastline is closer to 20,000km which […]