Coast and Ocean: A community biodiversity exhibition

In March this year the Geraldton community joined UWA Oceans Institute Artist-in-residence Angela Rossen in a biodiversity project to discover and document the living things of the Geraldton beaches. 

Together they observed then drew, painted and photographed all the plants and animals of the coastal and marine environments.

Geraldton Primary School Biodiversity Painting

Members of the Birdlife Midwest Geraldton Group, Friends of Bluff Point and Geraldton and the Regional Herbarium Group contributed their special knowledge at the field and studio events.

The artworks that were created are now being presented to the public as a stunning exhibition at the WA Museum Geraldton open from 9th to the 22nd May.


Angela Rossen talks to St Mary’s students about  coastal biodiversity. Photo:J.Allen


“The people of Geraldton have really entered into the project with many participating in the field events and workshops,” Ms Rossen said. This exhibition is both artistically strong with beautiful renderings of the local biota as well as educational – it is a biology lesson in pictures.”   

“These artworks will take you on a tour from the top of the coastal dunes out to the fringing reefs showing all living things that make the beaches so special,” Angela Rossen said.  “You will find everything from plankton and tiny invertebrates, crustaceans, coral, seagrasses, seaweed, fish, sharks, rays, shore birds, reptiles, dune plants and much more.”

The project was supported by Community Arts Network WA, Department for Culture and the Arts and the project partners: Council of Greater Geraldton, The Northern Agricultural Catchment Council and the Western Australian Museum Geraldton.

Coastal Fauna workshop Photo: J. Kennedy

EVENT:  Coast and Ocean: A community biodiversity exhibition

WHERE: Western Australian Museum, Geraldton. Batavia Coast Marina

WHEN: 9-22 May, 2015

In The News: Coastline Winter Edition 2015


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