First humpback whales arrive in Pender Bay, Kimberley

16 June 2010

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution kicked off the 2010 independent humpback whale survey on Thursday 10 June 2010.

In association with the Two Moons Whale and Marine Research Base, on the shores of Pender Bay, Kimberley coast, the first humpback whale was sighted at 08.24 (WST) from the cliff top location on Friday 11 June 2010.

Three observers independently verified the arrival of the first whale as part of the survey which will complete a continuous log, covering more than five hours each day, from now until early November.

Ian Dapson, a third year marine science student from Murdoch University, is the chief scientist in charge of the survey for the first six weeks and was very excited to see the first arrival in the Bay.

WAMSI thanks the Goojarr Goonyool Aboriginal Corporation for being a 2010 research partner, ensuring independent whale survey data is being collected for this part of the Kimberley coast.

Pictured below: Ian Dapson from Murdoch University, the chief scientist monitoring whale behaviour at Pender Bay.