Jenny Shaw wins awards

Congratulations to Jenny Shaw on winning four awards and a commendation for the Abrolhos PhotoVoice project and the ‘Seeing Change’ exhibition. The PhotoVoice project showcases a fishing community’s experience of environmental and social change as seen through the lens of a camera. This project highlights the issues affecting the Abrolhos Islands, the rock lobster fishing industry and the islands’ communities over the last five to ten years. It was a successful collaboration between the Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Curtin University, WA Department of Fisheries, Coastwest, the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, the WA Museum, ABC Open,  and of course, the Abrolhos Islands fishing community.

MAGNA 2013 Museums and Galleries National Awards
Winner – Best Temporary Exhibition under $20,000

Western Australian Coastal Awards for Excellence 2013
Winner – Coastal Heritage Preservation Award

Goodness Awards for Sustainability and Innovation 2013
Winner – Science Award

Overall winner Postgraduate Presentation Award.  NCCARF Conference Climate Adaptation in Action 2013: Knowledge and Partnership. Sydney NSW. June 2013.  For the presentation and poster – Shaw, J., Caputi, N., and Stocker, L. (2013) Climate adaptation in the Abrolhos Islands fishing community: a cascade of environment, management, economic and social changes.

WA Seafood Industry Awards 2013
Commendation – Seafood Industry Promotion Award

Western Australian LANDCARE AWARDS 2013
Finalist – Coastcare Award

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