Kimberley Marine Research Program final reports

More than nine final reports for the Western Australian Marine Science Institution Kimberley Marine Research Program will be available online this month delivering the marine research needed to support the management of the marine environments of the Kimberley region.

The $30 million program, which began in 2012, has had up to 160 scientists from 10 partner agencies working across four themes along the 13,500km Kimberley coastline.

Information and updates on the 24 projects is available at

The final reports that will be available in September include:

Habitats, Biodiversity Assessments and Baselines

1.1.3 ECOLOGICAL CONNECTIVITY: Ecological Connectivity of Kimberley Marine Communities

Marine Fauna

1.2.4 DOLPHINS: Relative abundance, population genetic structure and acoustic monitoring of Australian snubfin and humpback dolphins in regions within the Kimberley dolphins

Reef Growth and Maintenance

Understanding ecological processes in the Kimberley and their influence on marine biodiversity conservation


The $30 million Kimberley Marine Research Program is funded through major investment supported by $12 million from the Western Australian government co-invested by the WAMSI partners and supported by the Traditional Owners of the Kimberley.


Kimberley Marine Research Program