About the Program

From 2006-2011, over 250 researchers across disciplines ranging from oceanography, fisheries science and marine ecology, worked on more than 85 projects which led to achievements, including:

  • New discoveries of deepwater sponges off the iconic Ningaloo Reef;
  • A ten-fold increase in our understanding of the habitats, as well as the physical and biological processes occurring at Ningaloo Marine Park;
  • Development of a Tourism Destination Model for the Ningaloo Coast which will be a valuable aid in tourism planning;
  • Enabling the state-wide adoption of a broad scale, holistic fisheries management system (Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management) for all WA fisheries;
  • Increased understanding about the effects of climate variability on the Western Rock Lobster to help ensure its ongoing sustainable management;
  • Establishment of a WA Marine Bioresources Library and encouraging the drafting of legislation to enhance the State’s capability in managing biodiscovery and biotechnology research and investment;
  • Improved understanding of the oceanographic processes on coastal infrastructure and offshore structures in the North-West Shelf;
  •  Improved understanding of how projected climate variability will impact the natural and man-made built environment as a result of sea level rise, storm surges and wave climates;
  • Detailed climatic and ocean current modelling leading to more accurate predictions of the effects of the Leeuwin Current on the marine environment; and
  • Detailed understanding of the marine ecosystems off the Perth Metropolitan Region.

Through the work of its 16 partners, WAMSI has successfully completed highly relevant, strategic, multidisciplinary research that has increased the understanding of WA’s marine environment; delivering better science to help inform decision making on some of the big picture, complex multi-sectoral issues facing Governments, industry and communities.

Program Management

Name: Dr Steve Blake
Project Role: Program Leader
Contact: info@wamsi.org.au

Name: Dr Cam Sim, Dr Kelly Waples, Ms Selina Cranley
Project Role: Science Coordinators
Contact: info@wamsi.org.au