About the Program

To date there has been relatively little research focus on the south coast of Western Australia. However, renewed interest in opportunities for economic development has identified this pristine region as an area for a research focus.

As a result, the Western Australian Marine Science Institution will be developing a science plan that can be used to attract research funding to implement and coordinate a collaborative and strategic research program.

In the first stage of developing the Science Plan, WAMSI is working to determine stakeholder values, views, and science needs from governments, industry, Indigenous people and the wider community. These issues will be matched against existing knowledge to identify the gaps in our understanding of the region.

The gaps in knowledge will then be prioritised and put together to produce a Science Plan. The plan will provide the basis for funding of a targeted program of research to deliver information for management and to maximise future outcomes.

Program Management

Name: Dr Jennny Shaw
Project Role: Program Leader
Contact: jenny.shaw@wamsi.org.au