Students take a dive into marine science with ‘Thinking Blue’

Students in their final two years of high school are being given access to some of Western Australia’s top marine scientists in a series of lectures on topics ranging from artificial reefs and ecotourism to coral bleaching and aquaculture.

‘Thinking Blue’, which is the Western Australian Marine Science Institution’s school outreach program, lets students hear from inspiring experts across a range of specialist areas.  WAMSI runs the program with John Ryan, a Marine Science graduate who is now a science teacher at Sacred Heart College in Sorrento.

WAMSI CEO Dr Luke Twomey said Thinking Blue was about inspiring year 11 and 12 students as well as taking the latest scientific research into schools.

“The Thinking Blue lectures allow students to hear from people at our partner universities and organisations who are among the leaders in their field,” Dr Twomey said.

“Some students may be inspired to study marine science but all of them develop a greater understanding of the world’s oceans, the threats they face and the role of science in finding solutions.”

The topics for the next school terms include marine pollutants, ecotourism around marine mammals and whale sharks, marine ecosystems, aquaculture as a solution to declining fish stocks and seagrass meadows and mangroves.

The lectures are presented by video link to students at Sacred Heart College and the recordings are shared with other schools and online to the community through the WAMSI website.

John Ryan said the outreach program helped open students’ minds to the wonders of marine science.

“The impact of Thinking Blue extends far beyond the classroom,” Mr Ryan said.

“By connecting students with scientists, it ignites a spark of inspiration, paving the way for a new generation of marine enthusiasts.”

“It is heartening to see that several Sacred Heart College students, driven by their experiences in this program, have chosen to pursue marine-based tertiary education courses, furthering their understanding and commitment to the conservation of our oceans.”

Links to previous recorded lectures can be found here.