The End of WAMSI Conference 2011

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) was formed in early 2006 as a unique collaboration of state, federal, industry and academic entities that have come together in a way that supports cooperation and scientific rigour around the strategic marine science needs for the State of Western Australia. Independent, peer-reviewed public good research has been the hallmark under the banner: Bettter Science, Better Decisions. The WAMSI conference in September was a unique event that represented the culmination and celebration of five years worth of research effort and $87million dollars worth of research projects.

The WAMSI Conference brought together some of Australia’s most esteemed marine scientists and their teams who together provided remarkable outcomes and achievements of their collaboration.

This conference provided a unique opportunity for scientists to show their research with users of the information, including managers, decision makers, consultants and the community. It was an invaluable opportunity for all stakeholders influenced by the WAMSI’s three key integrating themes – ocean systems forecasting, biodiversity conversation and natural resource management – to participate.

Kimberley Marine and Coastal Science Symposium

The first Kimberley Coast and offshore region’s symposium, the Kimberley Marine and Coastal Science Symposium, will be held in May next year.

The Royal Society of Western Australia (RSWA) and the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) are jointly hosting the event.

Chief Executive Officer of WAMSI, Dr Steve Blake, will speak about the symposium at an RSWA meeting at Kings Park Administration Building on 21 June.

Kimberley Marine and Coastal Science Symposium

The Royal Society of Western Australia (RSWA) and the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) recently jointly hosted the Kimberley Marine and Coastal Science Symposium.

WAMSI Node 4 Synthesis and Integration Workshop

In December 2010, the WAMSI Node 4 Synthesis Workshop took place at the Department of Fisheries, Western Australian Marine Research Laboratories in Hillarys.

The objective of the workshop was ‘to continue the process of integrating the work that has been done across the node into the EBFM framework in a manner that can be used for ongoing management’.

WAMSI Node 6 symposium: Ocean science for offshore and coastal engineering

The WAMSI Node 6 annual symposium was held on 26 November 2010. The main topics of the symposium included:

  • projected changes in wave climate and storm surge activity along the WA coastline;
  • beach stability resulting from seal level rise, storm surge and wave climate changes;
  • tidal and internal wave climatology from field measurements and numerical modelling over the NWS; and
  • deployment and application of ocean glider technology in WA ocean waters.

WAMSI Young Career Researcher Symposium

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) organised a symposium to summarise four years of marine research by WAMSI postgraduate students. This event was held at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup campus on Wednesday 3 November 2010.

The symposium provided an opportunity for many of WAMSI’s 31 postgraduate students and young postdoctoral fellows to showcase their research before an audience of peers and senior scientists.

For more information, please see the flyer.

Young Career Researchers’ Symposium program and abstracts’ booklet.

Marine data management symposium

A marine data management symposium – Turning data into knowledge; marine data management in Western Australia – was held in Perth this month. It was the fourth annual symposium and featured speakers from across Australia and the UK.

Node 4 Symposium/workshop 2010 (Sustainable fisheries)

A workshop to discuss sustainable fisheries and sustainable ecosystems was held at the Fisheries Marine Research Centre in Hillarys, Perth, in June 2010.

Ningaloo student research day

Western Australian university students led discussions on research at Ningaloo Marine Park and its surrounding areas at a forum in Perth on 30 March 2010.

The proceedings can be found in this document.

Ningaloo Exmouth community seminar 2010

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution’s Ningaloo Science Coordinator, Dr Kelly Waples, and Dr Martial Depczynksi, from the Australian Institute of Marine Science gave presentations at the recent Ningaloo Exmouth community seminar.

Dr Waples is a senior research scientist at the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Ningaloo Exmouth CS – Presentation – DEPCZYNSKI – Rock lobster
Ningaloo Exmouth CS – Presentation – WAPLES – Research in Ningaloo Marine Park