About the theme


This report presents a review of the potential of remote sensing to support dredge plume monitoring, and the availability of existing in situ data that may support further research into the development and validation of applicable remote sensing products.

This review encompasses two main components, the remote sensing technologies and the data available to develop and validate remote sensing algorithms.


  • To review satellite and in situ observations used to monitor sediment plumes and assess the suitability of the different sensor platforms to provide the spatial and temporal resolution needed for model validation and calibration in WAMDI DSN Project 3.4. Remote sensing platforms will include MODIS data and high resolution products such as WorldView and RapidEye; and
  • To review available water quality data (such as TSS levels, light levels, sediment deposition rate, PSDs) collected in Western Australia and associated with different types of dredges working in different geotechnical settings and metocean conditions.


Program: Dredging Science Program

Location: Pilbara and Kimberley

Theme Leader: Peter Fearns


Final Report