About the theme


Climate change science can be complex, difficult to understand, confusing and contentious. To maximise opportunities for adaptation, increased knowledge and understanding of climate change is essential. The project ‘Climate Change Adaptation: Building Community and Industry Knowledge,’ known as the ‘Knowledge Project’ was developed to address this need.

Additionally, the Knowledge Project was closely linked to the FRDC project ‘A climate change adaptation blueprint for coastal regional communities’ known as the ‘Blueprint Project’.

Joint Projects – Climate Change Adaptation Flyers

As there are a number of marine research projects underway around Australia focusing on climate change and adaptation (NARP FRDC) there was a need to better understand the information required by coastal communities and how best to extend this research into coastal and particularly fishing communities.

These flyers outline projects in the FRDC/NARP “climate change adaptation” suite of products:


The overall project objectives were to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of likely climate change and adaptation measures that are open to local communities.
  • Support a Case Study (Blueprint Project) for Australia in adaptive management that cross-correlates regional needs with Australia-wide policy and management policies.
  • Tailor extension and knowledge sharing for regional needs.
  • Synthesise, analyse and assist in adaptation of key climate change information, in the context of external drivers to marine biodiversity and fisheries business.


The key project components were:

  • Perception Analyses: assessment of two organisations with close links to the fishing industry.
  • Case Study (Blueprint Project) Support: facilitating community participation.
  • Assessment of Knowledge Needs: community and industry surveys, boundary organisation effectiveness.
  • Increasing Knowledge Uptake using Innovative Approaches: participatory co-production of knowledge.
  • Climate Change Communication Products: development, production and uptake of climate science knowledge.


Program: Climate Change Adaptation

Location: Geraldton and the Abrolhos Islands

Theme Leader: Dr Jenny Shaw



Final Report