About the theme


The estuaries program was developed with the vision of delivering a complete, ‘whole-of-system’ management and planning guide for supporting healthy estuaries and the sustainable development of their catchments throughout WA, based on leading-indicator knowledge of estuarine response to any environmental or development scenario across the catchment-freshwater-estuarine-coastal continuum and an integrated assessment of estuarine function, use and governance.

The purpose of this body of work is to assist researchers to focus on high impact studies, and to help plan a more strategic and collaborative approach to developing information for future management through independent peer reviewed science.


To develop science priorities for management.


  • Priority knowledge needs for southwest estuaries
    • Water quality
    • Key Habitats
    • Biodiversity
    • Land use practices
    • Coast Engineering and Port development
    • Sediment Quality
    • Human Health
    • Freshwater and Hydrology
    • Sustaining Resources
    • Socio-economic Issues in Decision Making
    • System Modelling
    • Synthesis of Highest Priorities at a Regional Scale
  • Estuary Specific Priorities
    • Swan-Canning River System
    • Peel-Harvey Estuary
    • Leschenault Estuary
    • Vasse-Wonnerup Westland System
    • Hardy Inlet
    • Wilson Inlet
    • Wellstead Estuary


Program: Other Projects

Location: Various locations southwest Western Australia

Theme Leader: Catherine Thomson


Final Report